Eliminate Cargo Damage

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Dunnage Bags

Do you ship your products by rail, cargo container, truck or ship; eliminate cargo damage with a strong dependable cushion of air, using our dunnage bags.

Dunnage air bags are often perceived as only being void fillers. However, Cordstrap manufactures dunnage bags which exert tons of pressure, making it a genuine cargo securing product.

Did you know that inflatable dunnage systems are more effective in stabilizing cargo compared to expensive and time consuming wood blocking and bracing? You can use dunnage bags inside trucks, (reefer) containers, railcars and ships.

The best dunnage bag for you depends on variables such as void size, height of the cargo and your shipping requirements. Together we will decide the optimum loading patterns and best dunnage air bag for the safe and damage free transportation of your products.

Your local Cordstrap dunnage bag specialist will be happy to demonstrate and train your staff how to apply dunnage bags.
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Benefits of Cordstrap Dunnage Air Bags:

  • Cost effective
  • User-friendly
  • High resistance against punctures
  • Fast to apply
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to remove at destination
  • Light weight
  • Time saving
  • Easy to deflate
  • Safe for users & receivers
  • Re-usable
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