Eliminate Cargo Damage

Cordstrap® has a safe, easy to use & cost effective cargo securing solution for you. Contact us today!

Load Securing

Cordstrap® is the world leading manufacturer of corded polyester strapping and one-way load securing systems. We provide customers with a safe and cost-efficient alternative to steel strapping and other conventional transport packaging materials. Our employees are experts trained to solve all issues with customer-specific solutions.

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Cordstrap’s cargo bundling solutions have a high retained tension that will keep the original form of your bundle. With our bundling solutions you can pick up and / or stack your products.
Does your current bundling product lose tension during transport?
Do you want a cargo bundling solution that will not damage your coated products?
Are you looking for a safe alternative to manual applied steel straps?
Would you like a weather guarded bundling solution for your cargo that holds its tension?

bundling - cordstrap load securing

Cordstrap has a safe and cost effective cargo securing system for you which are printable with your company name & logo!

See our strapping and lashing products.


Use our expertise to get your containerised products to their destination safe and damage-free whether you are exporting overseas or transporting your products within New Zealand. Stabilising cargo within a container should be as easy and fast for you as possible.

Looking for a solution to eliminate damage claims from your customers?
Looking for alternative to time consuming wood blocking and bracing?
Looking for a certified and approved solution for your export shipments?

secure a load - strapping, lashing and dunnage bags

See our strapping, lashing and dunnage bag products.

Flatrack Securing

If you secure cargo on flatracks, you know that loss of tension is a major, if not your biggest problem. We have a flatrack securing solution for this problem. The unique combination of our woven polyester lashing product; Cordlash, Dynamic Load Buckle and our in house developed tooling, eliminates loss of tension.

Cordlash flatrack-securing

See Cordstrap’s lashing products to secure a load.


Cordstrap’s palletising solutions offer a unique combination of flexible texture AND high retained tension. This combination allows you to secure your products on a pallet in the safest, fastest and most secure way. Our palletising solutions have resulted in more and more companies stepping away from traditional products such as steel banding and polypropylene strapping!
Our solutions will not only be safe for your staff, they will not cause injuries to your customers either.

pallet strapping and securing

See Cordstrap’s strapping systems.

Rail Freight Securing

When securing cargo for rail freight, you need to consider the high G-forces. Forces in excess of 4G (!) can easily be reached during shunting. Therefore, using the right product to secure your cargo is extremely important. Get ultimate rail freight securing solutions for your cargo and eliminate loss of tension during transport with Cordstrap’s cargo securing systems.

Are you interested in a one way system to replace expensive ratchet straps?
Would you like a faster and safer alternative to the wood securing you currently use?
Are you looking for a securing solution that will eliminate loss of tension during transport?


See Cordstrap’s lashing products.

Ship Securing

The maritime industry considers conventional materials such as steel chains and steel wire (rope) to be the only cargo securing options. However, Cordstrap’s Heavy Duty Polyester Lashings have proven over and over again, to be the only safe alternative for steel chains and/or wire.

Cordstrap’s lashing & securing systems for cargo ship securing offer heavy duty polyester lashing systems for a secure voyage of your break bulk cargo!


Truck Securing

Secure your truck load with Cordstrap’s cargo strapping & lashing products, dunnage bags and anti slip mats.

If you pack your products on trucks to be transported by road Cordstrap has a safe and cost effective cargo securing system for you! We offer a wide variety of securing and strapping products for truck loads, such as ratchet straps, dunnage bags, anti slip mats, polyester strapping and lashing products.


Cordstrap versus steel banding Cargo Ship in Rough Seas Losing Cargo
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  • Tensioners
    Tools to apply tension to your cargo securing system in an easy, fast & ergonomic way.
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    Cordstrap load buckles, corner lashing plates, desiccants, dispensers, edge protectors and more.
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